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Tax Accounting Help for Small Businesses in the East Bay Area

Every small business can benefit from tax advice and assistance. With the complexity of the tax code itself and the frequent changes that occur in the code every year, its important to stay on top of it to ensure you aren't paying too much to Uncle Sam! The best advice, of course, is to stay ahead of the curve and plan accordingly. Keeping track of those business receipts and expenses and being aware of all the possible deductions is critically important if you want to make the tax code work for you.

So, what are your tax challenges? How can we assist? Its important to not only plan for your taxes each year, but to come up with a solid tax strategy over the long term to ensure you always pay your fair share – but not one dollar more. Of course, having a small business is a great way to have more control over your tax burden. The question is: Are you taking advantage of the opportunity?

Feel free to browse the categories listed below to find practical, unbiased information to help you manage and organize your taxes for your small business.

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Track Your Refund

Find out when you'll receive your federal and state refund.

Tax Due Dates

Please note the following tax due dates on your calendar, and come back often to keep up with the changes.

Tax Rates

Tax rates change every year. Take a look at this year's tax rates.

IRS Tax Forms and Publications

Quickly view and print any IRS tax form or publication. Saves a trip to the post office.

Record Retention Guide

Use this guide to determine how long you need to keep your tax and other financial records.

State Tax Forms

Quickly print the tax forms you need from any State in the country.

Online Tax Organizer

Don't miss any important deductions! Help us uncover hidden tax deductions by filling out this form.

1040 Tax Estimator

How much tax will you pay this year? Will you get a refund? Enter your filing status, income, deductions and credits we will estimate your total taxes for the year.

Marginal Tax Rate

Knowing your income tax rate can help you calculate your tax liability for unexpected income.

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